Our suite of training courses, education programs and PCA certifications empowers end users with the skills needed to navigate complex business, cultural and personal environments.

Below we outline a recent study of the impact our training has made in a variety of organizations sampling more than 2700 participants over the last few years:



95% of participants report the training was acutely relevant to their issues and well worth their time and effort


80% report tangible takeaways from the training that worked for them and their team members


98% report the presentation style & materials were highly appropriate



82% demonstrate increased personal & professional growth


98% of participants report learning something new and of value during the sessions


87% report the objectives were clearly defined & met during the training



85% report applicable how to's in their work environment


79% report broader & sharper leadership and team-building skills among all who participated in the training


82% report a greater level of enthusiasm and cooperation in the work environment



84% of executive officers report a reduction in staff turnover & increased retention


80% of executive officers report an enhanced collaborative culture


83% report an increase in morale & a higher quality team focus


“One of the most informative and enjoyable training sessions I have attended in a long time. I wish we would have found you all before we spent time and money with other organizations.”

Dr. Diane McDaniel

Indiana Wesleyan University

“My staff utilized this opportunity to grow as a team and gain a greater trust among the students they serve every day.”

Dr. Donis Toler

Dublin City Schools

“Understanding the components of trust has helped us tremendously.”


North Manchester Indiana P.D.

“Since the training, we have overcome barriers of distrust that we hadn’t even recognized before.”

Captain, Fishers, Indiana P.D.

“We have worked with BoB Ross for at least ten years. He oversees many of our training programs to help our people pick up many of the soft skills they need to function and grow in our organization. I can say that their programs have had a huge impact, with as many as 3,000 people going through their training. They continue to successfully replenish an aging workforce.”

Division Chief

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

“The kind of leadership training that BoB’s organization brings is sorely lacking in law enforcement. They teach that each officer is chosen and selected—you are accountable for your decisions. You must be an innovator, taking ownership in your work and in your organization.”

(Ret.) Chief Mike Brickner

Valparaiso Indiana P.D.

“We have had more than 100 people go through BoB Ross’s leadership programs. He has helped prepare our officers for real leadership. They learn how to communicate more effectively, to be open minded and work well with others who might approach things differently. He is down to earth and truly makes you want to learn and improve.”

Captain Dave Hecklinski

South Bend Indiana P.D

“If we are going to ask our people to take on more responsibility within our department and community, we need to train them accordingly. Yet it’s amazing that so many departments don’t do this. BoB Ross’s leadership programs have been a staple for all our command people. Through it they learn so much about planning, allocation of resources, dealing with media, and recognizing people in the organization and leading them. I hold BoB in high regard and I think he does a great job.”

Chief Steve Poiry

New Haven Indiana P.D.

“The collaborative leadership training model used in the PSLI Series helps to transform organizations and motivate communities.”

Alex Huskey

Ivy Tech Community College

“I credit you, Lance, and Big BoB (along with all the other instructors) for helping me get the promotion. PSLI is a great program that greatly expanded my knowledge and abilities.”

Bryan Sauer

Lieutenant, Zionsville P.D.

PCA is committed to help inspire, serve and guide a new breed of leadership advocates toward positive inclusive change. We look forward to hearing about the challenges or success stories within your organization, company or community.