Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation (COWIC)

PCA is proud to announce our new partnership with the Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation (COWIC). COWIC is one of the premier providers for workforce development in the state of Ohio and PCA is thrilled to provide COWIC with expert workshop facilitation in the areas of Resume Development, Basic Computer Literacy, Interviewing, & Entrepreneurship courses. We work to increase the baseline capacity for job seekers and work to foster individual leadership skills to be successful not only in their search, but also in their lives. This partnership is a demonstration of a shared commitment to every segment of our Central Ohio working community and uplifting each participant by giving them an avenue for further growth and development. As a primary agent for the Ohio Means Jobs initiatives, PCA and COWIC have partnered and share a common passion for connecting and empowering individuals to realize their... read more


Welcome to our new media page! This space is dedicated to sparking discussion, provoking thought and if necessary, debate. We look forward to sharing insights from our core team, as well as respected friends and professionals in the wider Leadership training, consulting and coaching field. Our first post is by esteemed PCA faciliator Jennifer Waldeck... read more

“There’s nothing so practical as a Good Theory”: Irrelevant soundbyte or truth for the Consulting Industry?

By Jennifer H. Waldeck, Ph.D.// I am a firm believer in the important role that theory and research generated in the social and organizational sciences play in consulting work. Although you may be reading this and thinking “theory?!!” “I just want fewer conflict-ridden days, easier decisions, more productive meetings, higher-profit quarters, more satisfied employees, and greater competitive advantage,” the prolific theoretician and social psychologist Kurt Lewin was correct when he famously wrote that “there’s nothing so practical as a good theory.” In thinking about that soundbyte you may have read in a textbook or heard in a lecture long ago, you may not know the context from which it emerged. Although Lewin developed many theories during his career and published many studies, he was not sitting in an ivory tower generating esoteric ideas. He was an action researcher, credited by many to be one of the “fathers” of the applied social sciences in the United States. His life’s work illustrates the reflexivity of theory, research, and practice which is also reflected in much of what Professional Consulting Associates does. For example, some of Lewin’s later work in the mid-1940s involved a series of commissioned experiments designed to test messages for combatting ethnic, racial, and religious prejudice. His research on attitude change and group behavior suggested that people who learn by experience are more likely to change their attitudes and behaviors than those who learn primarily through lecture and reading. This conclusion led to his development of the T-Groups methodology, which is the foundation for the kinds of human relations, cultural sensitivity, and group dynamics training programs still used within... read more